Sunday, August 21, 2011

Haul-lo from the U S of A

I marvel at my extraordinary ability to make dodgy puns.

America was heaven for a nail polish addict like me when compared to Australia. I live in a hole. That's my conclusion. Why does the stupid island of a continent have to double the price for everything? I've found so many 'old' polishes that I've been craving for heaps long like Lincoln Park at Midnight in Nordstrom Rack for just $8 a bottle. Absolute Bliss, with a capital B.

I really want a DSLR. The quality of the photo is so very different, in a good way, of course. Compare this photo taken with my friend's DSLR to the terrible photos from my dummy point-and-shoot camera.

The bottles look so shiny and the colours look so true! So on the top row of Essie from left to right: Silken Cord, Splash of Grenadine, Lilacism, Borrowed & Blue, Smokin' Hot, and Over the Top. Bottom row of OPI and Orly from left to right again: Malaga Wine, Lincoln Park at Midnight, La Playa, Royal Navy, Pure Porcelain, Winter Wonderland, Stranger Tides, and Mermaid's Tears.

There are also OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender, Suzi Says Feng Shui and Russian Navy, plus Sephora by OPI's Queen of Everything and Spark-tacular! that somehow I had forgotten to photograph. Great memory I've got there.

This haul definitely saves me from making that agonisingly long trip to Bankstown.

Bling bling, Blinx!

I am way too lazy for my own good. I've gone to American for 3 weeks during my semester break and had a blast. Its been 5 weeks since I've been back and somehow my blog had just completely slipped my mind. I've brought back a whopping 18 bottles of nail polish. I'm so excited to try them all but I haven't been motivated to paint my nails since I got back because catching a 20kg suitcase with my nails wasn't the smartest thing to do. So now I'm forced to look at ugly, stubby nails until they grow back.

Now onto something less depression and whingey. Before I left for the States, I tried out these fabulous things called Blinx. They're pretty much the less expensive version of Minx, great for poor students like myself. They're just like stickers but except the $18 had paid off and these babies had stayed on for a good week, minimum. They've gone through the hot showers, humid weather and any other type of abuse imaginable and only very very minor lifting was witnessed.

Like I always say, I am an absolute sucker for shiny and reflective surfaces. My vanity is really coming through. I love these babies. I've gotten countless compliments while I was wearing them. I was kind of sad when I had to peel them off cos I had been wearing them for almost 2 weeks. Removal was easy peasy. They didn't leave any sticky residue and neither had they damaged my nails.

I am extremely impressed with Blinx nails. Personally, I think it's definitely worth your time to check them out. And with such affordability and durability, you can look glamourous everyday. I'm starting to sound like a commercial so I'll shut up and let you do the judging.