Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fine china DIY water decals

See, I said I'd be back! With some glorious home made water decal stickers. It's very fine china / porcelain-esque. I'm so fond of this colour combo!

I used Revlon's 335 Spirit as the base white. Then the water decal was applied to each individual nail, topped off with a topcoat. The absolute most important step, don't forget the TOPCOAT!

As this was my first time printing my own water decals, I had foolishly bought the clear version so I had to paint a base colour. Regardless, the blue has turned out so vibrant!

Slightly different lighting but this is actually bit more true to colour in real life. This photo is actually taken a whole week after application. It looks as good as new! No lifting, scratches, chipping, nothing. I'll definitely be doing a lot more DIY water decal stickers because it's just so damn easy.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tufts and Pearls

Day #2 of my blogging streak - yay! Although the next post may be in a few more days because I'm still wearing this on my hands. The pearls are staying strong even after my scorching hot marathon showers.

Artificial lighting
I used Essie's Lilacism for the base colour. It may be due to the age of the polish but it is nowhere near as lilac as it used to be. Personally, I think it's matured to a very nice pale blue.

Natural lighting
The tufted pattern is done using a MoYou stamping pattern in their Pro XL Collection - Plate 02. The polish is the silver stamping polish from Born Pretty Store (hyperlinked again).
Second from the left in the top row
 Stay tuned, y'all!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shooting Star

Hey guys! Turns out I'm a serial liar and procrastinator when it comes to my blog. I'm sure you're all fed up with my empty apologies. Can I please bribe you with nail art instead?

I used Butter London's Keks, Orly's Porcelain, some good old scotch tape and rhinestones from Born Pretty Store (hyperlinked for your convenience). The star is actually made from acrylic using a special mould. It's got an awesome texture but sadly I lost it within an hour after I took the photos.

Hope I'll get to see you all again real soon!