Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fine china DIY water decals

See, I said I'd be back! With some glorious home made water decal stickers. It's very fine china / porcelain-esque. I'm so fond of this colour combo!

I used Revlon's 335 Spirit as the base white. Then the water decal was applied to each individual nail, topped off with a topcoat. The absolute most important step, don't forget the TOPCOAT!

As this was my first time printing my own water decals, I had foolishly bought the clear version so I had to paint a base colour. Regardless, the blue has turned out so vibrant!

Slightly different lighting but this is actually bit more true to colour in real life. This photo is actually taken a whole week after application. It looks as good as new! No lifting, scratches, chipping, nothing. I'll definitely be doing a lot more DIY water decal stickers because it's just so damn easy.

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Anonymous said...

They look amazing!!