Thursday, December 27, 2012

We survived the end of the world!

Congratulations, everyone! We've survived the unofficial end of an era as 'predicted' by the Mayan calendar but for all we know the calendar writing guy could've just had a heart attack and didn't get to finish writing 2012.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and I have to apologise for being extremely lazy and not doing a Christmas nail entry. Creativity is the last thing on my mind while I'm on break from uni. I just want to be boring and whack on a few layers of glitter since foils make removal a breeze.

Every year needs to be kickstarted with confetti! Lots and lots of confetti!

Base is Zoya Ivanka. One of my all time favourites. Even though it reminds me of a time of bitterness because I never got to watch Wicked. I love musicals. I wish my life was one but too bad I can't sing.

Then it is topped off with something that is even better than a thousand cherries! I love cherries, just saying, to give you the comparison. Sephora's Spark-tacular! Confetti in a bottle. How could anyone resist?

Happy new year, everyone. Thank you for putting up with my laziness for yet another year. I really need to discover a way to make nail polish dry in the blink of an eye (not even joking). Then I'd have amazing nails everyday. Then this blog wouldn't be so neglected anymore. Then you won't hate me for not updating.

I love you all, best wishes for 2013! ♥