Monday, September 24, 2012

[CLOSED] My very first giveaway! Ends 12 November, 2012

I feel so treasured by everyone's continued support even though I am a very lazy blogger. I really wanted to give something back. I know this isn't much but I hope you'll like it and still enjoy it.

We all love to win. But I am one of those extremely unfortunate people who never, I mean NEVER win anything. No raffles, no online entries, nothing. So it actually makes me very happy being able to give and make someone feel lucky and hopefully break their unlucky streak.

I talk too much. I'll get on with the prizes.

I'll be drawing out 2 winners. Think of them as the Ultimate Grand Supreme and the Grand Supreme (but not as fancy). I should really stop watching Toddlers and Tiaras. But it is one  addictive show. Youtube needs to upload more episodes. Sorry, side tracked.

Grand Supreme Prize:

♥   1 bottle of pearl bows
♥   1 bottle of silver rhinestones
♥   2 nail art canes (as shown in the photo) that you can slice up and stick onto your nails (the slicing is such an addictive process)
♥   1 nail dotting tool (which I actually use to pick my rhinestones up)

Ultimate Grand Supreme Prize:

♥   1 set of minty dessert nails + double sided nail stickers for application

It comes in 8 different sizes with 2 in each size like in the photo. I've got to apologise in advance if you find them too short if you have a long nail bed. From experience, I tend to have this habit of making really long fake nails because they obviously look better when I'm painting them. But the person receiving them never really wears them because they're too long to look natural on their hands. No-one likes to have talon claws.

The rhinestones don't seem to show up on camera. I promise that the set is much shinier in real life.

So there are the prizes. Here are a few rules for entering.

1. Please email all entries to by 7PM AEST 12 November, 2012
2. You do need to be a follower of this blog.
3. The email needs to contain your google username (so I can double check if you're a follower because I'm pedantic like that).
4. Email subject/title: GINGERBREADMANNE GIVEAWAY [your username]
5. Purely optional: something that you'd like to see in my next post.

The winners will be drawn out at random by that number generator website so no human bias there. They'll receive emails confirming the entry then will be contacted for postal addresses. Because you know, it will be very hard for me to personally deliver a parcel that is destined for anywhere outside of Sydney.

Good luck to you all and I really hope you do enter. Otherwise I'd end up looking very stupid. Across the globe. Stupid world wide web.