Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yoga-ta get some flaksies

Nubar 2010 strikes again! This is my absolute favourite. It looks amazing over anything and everything. I definitely recommend that you get your hands on a bottle of this liquid gold.

I've cut my nails really short for moving. My hands are still suffering from all the heavy lifting, packing and unpacking. Having OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue on my nails made me felt less like a cavewoman but it is Nubar 2010 that brought a smile to my face.
As if you wouldn't fall in love with this combination. Here's a close up if you're still not convinced.
The flaksies change colour with every shift in angle like Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum. I hope this post gets uploaded at the correct time since I'm using the "scheduled" uploader option as I would still be internet-less when this is posted.

Correction: Blogger, you've failed me. Scheduled posting doesn't work. At least I've gotten my internet back now


Samispoon said...

Oh my this is gorgeous!!!

knittysick said...

absolutely stunning. i'll be looking out for nubar 2010. :3