Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beware, cougar!

I've kept my promise from the previous entry so here's the second post of this week. I'm rather excited about this and you'll soon see why.

Dear Whiney had brought back some brilliant nail stickers from Japan. I wish she had packed a whole suitcase full of them because they are simply gorgeous! Remember when I was raving on and on about Minx and other foil-like nail manicures? This is the next best thing, if not even better! I'm a sucker for the reflective result that normal nail polish cannot achieve.
These little babies are actually stickers, rather than foils. The application is absolutely fool-proof. Just trim to size, sticker and rub. No creases, just sexy smoothness.
I love you, Whiney! Thank you so much for bringing back such a wonderful creation! I wish Australia was less deprived.