Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giveaway winners + dabbles!

It seems that I lied when I said a few hours because somehow it turned into a few days. But better late than never. I think it should become my own motto since that is how disorganised I am.

Without further ado, the Grand Supreme winner is...


Lynette! Says the random number generator. I counted the numbers by chronological order of when I received each email. You are the proud parent of 2 bottles of rhinestones, 2 canes and a dotting tool (great for picking up rhinestones).

And da-da-da-TA! The Ultimate Grand Supreme is crowned...

Min Hee! Congradulations, girl! I hope you'll take good care of my minty dessert babies.

Thank you all for your participation. I promise that there are plenty more giveaways to come. I'm in the process of organising another one, in fact.

Onto my own nails. These were meant to be watercolour nails. You know, the ones that are dissolved by polish remover like how normal watercolour paint is dissolved by water. But my OPI Alpine Snow (Matte) base didn't seem to like having remover on it so these turned out as a dabbing effect instead. Still pretty awesome. I've invented a new nail art (wishful thinking).

Summer is fast approaching Sydney so I thought I should pick more floral tones to match how excited I am about summer!

These somehow remind me of the Qing dynasty pottery but in pink. Nonetheless, I am still very proud to have these happy accidents on my nails.


Lynette said...

Yippee ! Thanks it made my day when I opened the email this morning and saw I was one of the winners. I love your nails btw, they are beyond gorgeous. Such pretty summery colours indeed ♥

Samantha Ann said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm a wittle bit jealous :P

Dujour Whitespawn said...

Yey Lynn won!! :) I adore this nail look! so romantic and cute..I love the different shades of pink, how did you acheive it? is that a sponge method, right? I'd love to have you in my blog's readers column, I'm trying to build up a community of friends..