Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 minutes glitter nail polish removal tutorial

I'd like to thank everyone's support for the success of my previous removal tutorial and roll out the second installment, how to remove the much loved (and hated) glitters.

This tutorial is everywhere already but I hope this will be the mother of all tutorials! Be the most comprehensive.

Step 1

Get the piece of foil ready. Any type will do. The cheaper the better. I like to find mine in those variety / $2 stores. But it doesn't really matter because there is an ingenious way of saving foils and time!

Step 2

You'd have to trim the large piece of foil down to smaller pieces. I'd like to have mine around 4cm by 5cm because I have rather long nails which make typing pretty difficult. The trick is to make a little snip (shown in the previous image) and just rip along the snip. Saves time cutting without folding the foil.

Step 3

Gather your foil pieces. So shiny! Sparkle sparkle.

Step 4

Get your nails ready. Mine's all ugly and chipped because I was naughty and didn't put on topcoat from my last mani.

Step 5

Put a cotton strip over your nail like shown in my last tutorial. Click HERE for the link. I've just noticed that my nails are green in both tutorials. Fate is at work. Kind of scary since I sometimes have dreams about an event then it comes true the next day. Usually bad things. Sucks to be me.

Step 6

Grab a piece of foil and wrap it around your nail. Don't worry if it is messy and it's not rolled up like a perfect tube. Foil is the most forgiving, nail-related material I've ever used.

Step 7

After it's been wrapped around your nail, fold the extra tip down behind your nail. Gently squeeze around your finger to make sure everything is secure. The key reason for the foil is to prevent the nail polish remover from evaporating. They keep everything nice and moist so the remover can do its job to be fullest.

Step 8

Repeat steps 5-7 for all of your nails. I'd like to do one hand at a time because it is a bit clumsy working with foil as fingertips. Shiny sparkly fingers. Leave it on your fingers for 1 to 2 minutes.
WARNING: Your nails WILL feel hot underneath the foil. That is because although manufacturers try to make their chemicals as 'safe' as possible, it is NOT natural for your skin. Don't worry, just remember to moisturise really well afterwards.

Step 9

After 1-2 minutes, remove the foil capping while still leaving the cotton on your nails. I like to save the foil cap to do my other hand with.

Step 10

Like in the first removal tutorial, hold down and drag the cotton piece off the nail. This is with just one swipe. Pretty impressive, right?

Step 11

As you can see, the only flaw is that this method isn't 100% effective on chunky glitters. Not to worry! You can either scratch them off with your nails, or repeat the cotton piece removal method on the chunky glitters. They've already been softed by the remover so they'll have no problem coming off.

Step 12

Like I said before, recycle the foil tips and use them on the other hand! Saves you time cutting, folding, squeezing and they're so much eaiser to use the second time around.

I hope this was helpful and comprehensive enough. I swear this took me 5 minutes. No joke!


Anonymous said...

I really need to try this! Thanks!

Talking Trash & Wasting Time said...

I hate getting glitter nail polish off, I am definitely going to try this, thanks for sharing

Brooke x