Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mermaid nails: glitter review

I love glitters. And so does everyone else. I've been wearing this manicure for a week now and I've got to say, its so beautifully mesmerizing!

Thank you Born Pretty Store for sending my these awesome babies. Click here or on the photo to get yourself straight to the glitter pots. You absolutely need to give them a go!

I've done a mermaid scale inspired nail art with the blue to green tones, and just a tiny bit of gold at the tips for that extra shine. The photos honestly don't do them justice. I used Zoya Ivanka as base so even if they do fall off, I can still have glittery nails!

I encourage you to definitely give these a go because they're easy-peasy. Just use a bit of blu-tack on the end of a skewer to pick the glitter up one by one. Although it is an extremely laborious process, it is worth every second. I don't have any regrets.

Please use my discount code if you'd like to give these glitters a go. Click on the image to get to the site. Until next time!