Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Light bulb

If you've watched Despicable Me, imagine "light bulb" the way Gru said it. I love those light bulb moments. They give me a purpose in life. No, I'm exaggerating. I've obviously been procrastinating a lot during the past few days (if not weeks) and have actually come up with quite a few new nail art ideas. So I thought that I'd better list them before I forget.

Obviously, these are going to be materialised after the HSC. Which is quite soon, actually.
♥ Tiffany & Co inspired (gives me an excuse to get China Glaze For Audrey)
♥ Minnie Mouse (who wouldn't love bows and polka dots?)
♥ Cookie Monster (his crazy googly eyes)
♥ Elmo (na-na-na-na Elmo's World)
♥ Christmas themed (I love Christmas, hopefully I can get my hand's on China Glaze's seasonal collection)
♥ Gingerbread man! (I am so excited for this one)

These will keep me going until next year.
Meemee says bye.


Christie said...

I can't wait! You are soooo damnn creative. Asjfhjsdfbk HSC!

Jenny said...

"Meemee says bye."
totally heard your high pitched voice inside my head