Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keyblade to my heart

Recently, I've started watching my boyfriend play Kingdom Hearts. It has quite a sweet and touching story line. One of those typical Disney things that's meant to put warm fuzziness into kids' hearts.

I was inspired to do a mani for it, of course. Hope you guys like it.

I used Milani Key Lime Light for the base. And the pattern was done with acrylic paint. Then sealed off with topcoat so nothing gets washed away.

Until next time!


Amy said...

I never thought about using acrylic paint for designs!
Genius- How long does it last? (I'll probably try it regardless since I have way too much paint laying around, and it is so much cheaper!)
I bet mickey designs would be so cute (especially with trips with little ones to movies/disneyland/disneyworld...)

Best wishes!

Anne said...

Hi Amy. If you seal it with topcoat, acrylic paint would pretty much last until you remove everything with remover.

VickiiLouise said...

I love Kingdom Hearts, so this is the perfect nail design for me.
Thanks for sharing :)
Vicki xx