Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warm fuzzies + flocking powder review

Love is in the air! February is the month of love with the very special Valentine's day falling on the 14th. I've been doing quite a bit of reminiscing lately. Even though all of the polish I own are very dear to me, this colour in particular holds very fond memories.

This is OPI Chapel of Love. What an appropriate name for Valentine's day, right? I got this 3 years ago as a Secret Valentine present from my dear Jenny (hello, if you're reading). So with the perfect colour for February as the base, I decided to spice things up with some flocking powder.

Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me a whole jar of flocking powder. I chose white because I've always been obsessed with the perfect white mani. Flocking powder is actually not a powder. It should technically be called flocking fluff if it was up to me to name.

Click HERE for the link to the jar of fluffiness! 

The powder (or fluff) is super simple to use. All you need to do is to pour some out into a container. I used the triangular tray for flipping rhinestones because the pointed corners makes pouring the powder back into the jar super easy.


The powder does come out a bit clumped since it's been condensed in the jar. So just grab a little stick or tweezers or anything that you have handy (like your hand, I'm so punny) and break up the clumps.

Now you should have a good, even consistency because the last thing you'd want is for the powder to come out in clumps on your nails.

I wanted a fluffy heart-mani so I simply just painted the tips in white and dipped my nails into the powder while the polish is still wet.

On my ring finger, I stuck on a bit of masking tape in the shape of a love heart as a negative stencil. Then applied white polish all over the nail followed but a good sprinkle of flocking powder.

To get rid of the excess fluff on your nails and fingers, all you've got to do is lightly dust them with a brush. Also remember to gently press on the powder to make sure that they've settled nicely with the wet polish that you've used as the glue.

The result is a warm and fuzzy mani, all ready for February!

♥ Review verdict: Definitely Recommended!
It was super easy to use, although it does require quite a few pieces of equipments like a small tray and a soft bristled brush for dusting. But the powder has great lasting power. It can get wet and be dried in the blink of the eye and still look the same as when it was first applied. I love the fact that I didn't need glue for its application. Removal was also the same as a normal polish mani.

Born Pretty Store has by far, the largest range of colours for flocking powders and also the best value with its mega-sized jar filled with compressed fluff.

Remember to use my special code MUL91 for 10% off all of your purchases.

So definitely go ahead and give this mani a go for Valentine's day. ♥


Samantha Ann said...

This is probably the most adorable flocking mani ive seen and its perfect for valentines day. Thanks for sharing!

Mel Z said...

Love the colour !
Really need to try it

hannah said...

I really love the colour! I'd never heard of flocking powder before - how interesting!! x

Anne said...

You're too kind, Samantha Ann!

Thanks Mel, a colour's even better with meaning behind it.

Flocking is so much fun :) Definitely give it a go, Hannah.

Sherrie Huang said...

Hur hur, fluffy nails!! :D