Friday, March 28, 2014

Found my marbles

Hi again!

After yet another long hiatus, I am back with some water marbling.

Used OPI Happy Anniversary for the base because it is the most versatile base polish.
Then I layered that with drops of Nubar Pasadena Purple to create this wonderful psychedelic effect. Loving the swirls but hating the yellow lighting.

Happy painting, girls!


Anonymous said...

very beautiful love the mix Marbles paintI've always admired ladies with long fingernails

Pearlyn Sapphire said...

Its beautiful! But can i ask you how do you make the title Gingerbreadmanne so beautiful and colourful. When i make my own blog, there is only some fonts, is that a picture?

Pearlyn Sapphire said...

May i know how you do the swirls? ;)))

Anonymous said...

very elegantly done lusciously beautiful I wish all women had gorgeous fingernails like you

Anne said...

Hi Pearlyn Sapphire,
My reply is 6 months too late but I hope I can still help :)
I changed the colour of each letter. And the technique is called water marbling. Makes the best patterns! said...

This water marbling adds such elegance to the general outlook! I like the violet choice and would like to order one for myself!