Sunday, August 22, 2010

4AM marathon

Politics. Yeah I'm one of those crazy people who enjoy watching it, listening to it, analysing it and talking about it. So obviously I stayed up late yesterday to see the election polling results. I sat in front of my computer, with the ABC website and the supposedly 'live' results at 4AM pressing F5 like a mad woman until I finally realised that nothing new was coming up and the counted percentage was stuck at 77.85%.

So I went to sleep in hope that the results would be there to greet me in the morning. WRONG! Because apparently this is the first hung parliament since WWII with Menzies and Curtin. I just hate to see Julia Gillard claim Prime Ministership after back stabbing Kevin Rudd (he looks so much like my uncle). Although I don't like Tony Abbott's conservative and somewhat sexist remarks a while ago, I was impressed by his efforts.

I'll shut up now because I'm pretty sure no-one is actually reading this. I just want the results so hurry up and make up your minds, indepedents. But Wyatt Roy is quite impressive being the youngest member of parliament at only 20. I mean like wow.

2 comments: said...

i do agree with you, i really hate julia gillard so much, i really think the party bullied kevin rudd into backing down, its not very nice ..

and i was so frustrated at the result too hahaha

ForgottenJuliet said...

LOL anne they stopped counting at 2am LOL