Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wish I lived in a doll's house

I absolutely love nail polish. Especially unusual ones. I bought China Glaze Doll's House with the previously posted Ghoulish Glow because shipping is cheaper with 2, well not really but I'm sure you understand.

China Glaze Doll's House is a topcoat that has a clear base. Pink hexagonal glitters of approximately 1.5mm in diameter float in the clear base. 3 layers of this topcoat cover most empty spaces. The camera seriously cannot capture the bling-ness of this polish. It is absolutely mesmerising.
2 coats of Chapel of Love, 3 coats of Doll's House
I've used OPI Chapel of Love as the base nail polish. Black would look awesome with this too. Personally, I think this is something worth looking into. The photo just doesn't do justice.


Sophia said...

That looks amazing! :)

Anne said...

Thank you :D
I'm here to make you spend.

Anonymous said...

random question - where did you get your hair cut? C'est pretty

Anne said...

I got my hair cut months back in Kogarah, go check it out if you're in Sydney :)

Christie said...

Hey, I'm Anonymous above, but I really should use the name/url identity. I just say I stumbled across your blog by a random nail polish google and I think it's sooo awesome and the blog layout is pretty. Could you please tell me the name of the hair place you went to? I'm based in the inner west Sydney and I really need an affordable and awesome hairdresser (random, I know because this is a nail blog, but your hair look great in your profile pic).

Btw you have really nice skin. =D

Okay sorry that I sound like a fan girl/stalker. XD

Anne said...

Hi Christie :)
It's so nice knowing that there are readers out there. My hairdressers are these young Chinese couple. They are at 6 Regent Street, Kogarah, called An & Mei. Here's their mobiles: 0432 288 805 and 0406 708 038. I don't remember how much exactly I've paid but it was definitely under $30 and I got a free styling because they weren't busy.
I think it'd be worth your time to check them out. They're only 1 minute walk from Kogarah station.

Hope that helped :)