Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big shout out to Troll

This post is dedicated to my beloved Jenny for having such an awesome party last night. I thought I'd better do this before I forget because I'm so absent-minded these days. Here's an uber dodgy photo of my half successful attempt at foils because I tried so hard to capture the mirror-like reflective surface so I apologise for the blurry photo.
Peach Burst nail foil
 Nail foils are kind of like Minx imitations. They have the same reflectiveness and pre-printed designs but foils are so much more affordable. But the down side is that foils last for one day max and do not apply perfectly because you're trying to fit a piece of flat 'paper' to the curvature of your nail. Plus top coat just makes the foil wrinkle like crazy. Other than that, foils are a great alternative to Minx for poor souls such as myself who are looking for the same blinged effect and it is quick enough to do just before an event. I had to stick on flowers on the tips because the glue didn't dry properly so yuckiness happened. Warm tones honestly don't match the yellowness of my skin.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Just found your site and thought I'd add a comment which I hope will help out with foils.
Your comment on foils only lasting 24hours max.....You need to seal them to protect them, and then they last up to 2 weeks.
"Ah but!"... I hear you say...."the foils go funny- all messy!".
It's not the foil's that you are using foils which should NOT be sold for nail art. The highly metallic or holographic are rarely suitable for this, but are really cheap so people are selling it. Even huge companies like Rio and QVC.
If you buy foils with a gloss finish, then you'll be fine. This type has been around for ages, and then they got noticed by the less caring who will take your money and not care if you are satisfied.
They have been around long before Minx type products too, so Minx is the imitator.

So find a foil stockist who has very few metallics and holographic in their foil styles, and of course, ask, ask, ask for info on them.