Sunday, August 22, 2010

Girls night in

After slaving over my major work for an entire year, it is finally due in for marking tomorrow. I don't know whether to feel relieved or fearful because personally I don't feel 100% satisfied with what I've achieved. Maybe I'm just noob and seriously lacking in natural artistic talent.
Meemee taking a bath unwillingly
Plucking eyebrows
Facial mask
Does my butt look big in this?
Bored to death
Girls night in
I'll explain my concept because you're probably confused like my mum. As a female, we go through a whole beautification process just to make ourselves socially presentable before going out. Its partially due to social pressures but for me however, it is the self esteem boost that I receive as I hide behind a layer of make-up. The whole processes of plucking buggered stray eyebrow hairs, shaving (or the more painful alternative of waxing), facial masks and does my butt look big in this are the annoying things that I would not do if everyone looked like caveman too. My cat also gets washed but she doesn't mind it too much, I think. My art teacher just likes the notion that I'm acknowledging my cat in my painting. But in the end, we just end up having a crappy time, stuck in Maccas because we're all fiancially deprived high school students and frowned upon prejudicely by adults in restaurants. We actually have more fun when we're by ourselves, sleeping over, enjoying each others' companies without worrying about social expectations.

I've based these paintings on some of my friends and painted from photographs using acrylic on paper. Nothing fancy because that's what I really want life to be but then it'd be kind of boring. I'm hypocritical. I do apologise for the bad quality photos though. My lights just refuse to cooperate and my camera wasn't much of a help either.

1 comment: said...

i dont really think make up hides the face away, it merely accentuates it :D

besides, you cant really change the fact that someone has a big nose or an ugly mouth or eyes that are too close together ..

oh and well done on the paintings anne, i can tell who's who HAHAHA (Y)