Thursday, August 19, 2010

Current work in progress

I'm on a blogging rampage today! I guess the excitement of having a blog is still nagging at my head. So I thought why not share my current nail art work in progress?

This is inspired by Alice in Alice in Wonderland, like just about everything out there after Tim Burton's movie. I've actually started this months back and just didn't touch it because of HSC. The stress of it is like a giant barrier on one's inspiration and creativity. I've just handed my textiles MTP on Monday and packaged it then sent it away yesterday. I'm hurting everywhere from kneeling on the ground, cutting up small cardboard boxes and masking taping them into a giant 1m x 1m box to fit my stupid crinoline cage. I never want to box anything else ever again. My fingers suffered tremendously. Then art is due next Monday and guess what I'm doing instead? Yeah, this, while watching ABC kids. Seriously got to love channel 22.

Sorry, got side tracked. I should think of a name for this set. Something not cliched like Absolutely Alice (ahems OPI).
2 thumbs, 2 middle finger, 1 ring finger, 2 pinkies


Tara said...

Cute nails!

Anne said...

Thanks! Awesome blog yourself.