Sunday, August 29, 2010


I kind of don't have the inspiration to paint my nails right now after scrubbing for 2 full hours trying to get China Glaze Doll's House off. No joke. Down side of ultimate bling-ness, I guess. My nails hurt from scratching. Maybe I'll paint my nails tomorrow because I have an idea right now.

So in the meanwhile, I thought I'd share with you something that I wore a while back. Nubar G188 over black. The black is Revlon Black Lingerie. It is a pure black with no fancy glitters or shimmers. Nubar G188 is a topcoat. Iridescent. Before your mind stray to Gwen Harwood, focus your eyes on the photo below.
2 coats of Black Lingerie, 2 coats of G188
I love it! So much. G188 has iridescent flakies floating in a clear base. Similar to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure and Nfu Oh's something because I keep forgetting the number. G188 was released as a special 2010 polish by Nubar and I stumbled upon this in my quest to find a dupe for China Glaze Fortune Teller, a polish released part of their 2009 Halloween collection, if my memory serves me right. You should look it up. You'll fall in love with it too.

In my opinion, it looks even better than Fortune Teller and is also more versatile as G188 is a topcoat. It can be layered over any colour and reflect different colours depending on the base colour. I won't try to explain it because you'll just give me a weird look. I'll save myself the embarrassment.

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