Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The perfect model

I love my cat. Maybe I should tell you something you don't know instead. No, not bothered. I love my cat and if you're reading this, you love my cat too. That means I love you too for loving my cat. I'm totally making sense. I'm in a weird mood tonight because a particular someone is ruining my life and I'm seeing that someone tomorrow. I'm torn. So meanwhile, I'll occupy myself with my cat to take my mind off of that someone. Gay.
Meemee modelling my textiles major work
She is so so so adorable. Such a poser. She loves my MTP. At least someone appreciates my blood and tears. Too bad it was sent out last Wednesday. Otherwise she'd be calling it bed right now.
Woaw cat eyes
Should I upload photos of my MTP?

2 comments: said...

have you seen the video of the woman chucking a cat in the bin? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

if you watch it you'll probably die xD

Anne said...

LOLL did you see today's where a guy dressed up as Sylvester cat & chucked an 'old' woman into a bin.