Monday, September 6, 2010

Airy delight

I'm blogging like mad right now to make up for my lazy Sunday. I watched 3 movies yesterday. Took my mind off my sore throat momentarily. I think I'll lose my voice soon. I'll just upload some photos of some Konad I did months ago. I rescued these from my old camera. The one that I sat on and broke. Thank goodness my laptop can read memory cards.

According to my memory, I applied 3 layers of China Glaze Light as Air. The polish is actually more pink in real life. My camera just refused to capture the correct colour. The photo looks more like China Glaze Agent Lavender although Agent Lavender is more blue.
3 coats of China Glaze Light as Air with Konad stamping
I love bows. Who wouldn't love bows? Don't answer, its a rhetorical question. I used Konad m59 with the special Konad black stamping polish. It was my first attempt at Konad on my own nails. I'm so happy that I didn't screw it up. Then I applied China Glaze Matte Magic over the thumb and ring finger and added a little black rhinestone to the centre.
Konad plate m59
I'm sure you can work out which design I used. Polka dots + bows = happy me.

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