Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guilty pleasures

Attention: Any hint of arrogance present in this entry automatically translates to pride and pleasure.

Now that's out of the way. I am proud of my nail polish collection. Like any proud parent, I would like to see my babies grow and expand. Hopefully I would eventually reach the 1000+ mark. Sooner than later, I hope. There are so many more colours, finishes and textures that are still waiting patiently for me to discover them. I guess this is the purpose of this blog. To help you to discover something wonderfully new, whether it be an idea, a colour, or another way to procrastinate during the vital HSC period. I do feel rather sentimental today.

I really need a nail polish stand. A place to display my nail polish for easy access. Currently, they occupy one shelf on my downstairs bookshelf because that is the only place where the sun cannot get to. Sunlight + nail polish = bad. So don't ever store your nail polish where the sun can get to it. My other nail art supplies are stored in random shoe boxes under my coffee table. I hate it. I want a cupboard didicated to nails. Space is always an issue.

I think I current have 70-ish bottles of nail polish. I remember counting but not the number. It is a pretty pathetic number, I do have to admit. But a girl only has so much money to spend. I arranged them according to brand. I like the look like matching bottles. Since I have no life, I'll name every single one for you.

Top row from left to right: Girls Just Want to Play, Dim Sim Plum, Chapel of Love, Mod about You, Happy Anniversary, Alpine Snow (Matte), Funny Bunny, Banana Bandana, Glitzerland, Bling Dynasty, You Don't Know Jacques, My Private Jet
Bottom row from left to right: Jade is the New Black, What's with the Cattitude?, Ski Teal we Drop, Yoga-ta get this Blue, Brand New Skates, Sheer your Toys
China Glaze: Lubu Heels, Doll's House, Light as Air, Strong Adhesive Basecoat, Matte Magic Topcoat, Ghoulish Glow Topcoat, Medallion, Sun Worshipper, Four Leaf Clover
Essie: Matte About You Topcoat, Haute as Hello, Pound Cake, Playa Del Platinum, Silver Bullions, Mint Candy Apple, Mesmerize
Revlon: Quick Dry Topcoat, Black Lingerie, Primal Purple, Fuchsia Fever, Franken (used to be Cherry Crush), Franken Squeaky (used to be Grape Shimmer), Franken (used to be Copperglaze Platinum)
Zoya: Ivanka, Gilda, Savita, Get Even Basecoat
Nubar: Sour Candy, 2010 (G188), Pasadena Purple
Milani: Key Lime Shine, Blue for my Baby
Colour Club: Worth the Risque (yes I bought 2 bottles, they were on special)
OPI mini: Tattoo You Want Candy?, I Love Mummy, Witch Arm?, Glow-ink the Dark
Orly: Fantasea
Bloom Seoul, Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, Kami Nail Foil Adhesive
Here are the under $5 nail polishes that I don't feel safe using anymore because they are packed with chemical goodness. So I use them extensively on fake nails. The colours are still wonderful though.
I can't wait to take another trip to Bankstown. I really want to expand my Essie and Orly collections so they can grow to compete with OPI for my love. I would also love to get my hands on more Zoya but Ebay is currently the only 'affordable' way of getting them. They still cost on average $12 a bottle when the exchange rate is high. I'll shut up now. Thank you for reading. I'm off to make a wishlist.


Sharon said...

Actually, Ulta3s are totally Big3 safe :). I have 20+ of them and still want more! And I'd love to see photos of your storage too, they're always so interesting to see ^^.

Anne said...

That's awesome :) I'll definitely stock up on Ulta3. Do you know when they've started the 3-free? These Ulta3s are 5 years old so I'm a little concerned.

Christie said...

Aww look at them, they're so pretty! LOL I sound like those mothers hovering and baby talking to the babies in the pram/bed.

Sharon said...

Hmm, I'm not too sure about that. I guess you just have to look at the ingredients on the bottles you want when you buy them. 98% of mine were purchased within this year, so I guess I may have gotten some of the more recent bottles. I just wish Ulta3 would label their lines :/.

angel said...


Anne said...

Yes I feel the same way, Christie!

I hate it too, shazzii :( I hate going through those 'bins' at pharmacies.

Angel Tang. Step away from my house. You can come in when you decide not rape it :)

Emily Rachel said...

LOL, well done Anne :) My intrigue for your nail polish collection has been satisfied indeed!

Hahaha, i love it.

Em xx