Saturday, September 11, 2010

Subtle is key

I'm sorry for getting you sick. So here's an entry to help relieve your boredom. If you're not sick because of me, go away. You can't read this entry. Only joking.

I feel a lot better now. I can't wait to go to school on Monday because I've missed everyone so much. It'd totally suck if you're all sick though. I'd have noone. I painted my nails this afternoon. I didn't feel like working. Gwen Harwood is a life sucker, like one of those monsters in Sailor Moon. I miss Sailor Moon.

Back on track! I used Zoya Savita. It is a matte, suede-like eggplant coloured polish. My camera refuses to capture the correct colour so I had to photo filter 45% red to achieve a true to life colour. So I apologise for the rather pink looking skin. I'm yellow. I thought I'd give Zoya Get Even Basecoat another chance but my ridges are still visible. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how long Savita will last with Get Even as base.

Matte nail polishes are amazing. Zoya Savita is no exception. It goes on like any other nail polish but dries to become matte in a matter of seconds. My nails were completely dried just 5 minutes after application. 2 coats is enough for a great finish. However, I really don't like the small brush. I find myself needing to re-dip after 2 strokes. That caused streaks to appear as the polish dried at lightning speed.
2 coats of Zoya Savita over Zoya Get Even Basecoat
I really need to do something about my cuticles. They're dry and looking very ugly with supermacro. Can you see the ridges on my ring finger? Stupid basecoat not doing its job properly. It was looking a little plain so I decided to Konad it using plate m40. I only got this plate for the cute little crown.
Image hijacked from
I used LA Girl Matte nail polish in white to stamp. I got it for my birthday, from Troll. I've never moved so fast in my life. The effect is a nice subtle finish. I'm loving it.
More ugly cuticles
Close up
I then spot applied China Glaze Matte Magic Topcoat. Another terrific thing about matte is that the topcoat can be applied to one spot and still dry flat, merging seamlessly with the nail polish. Maybe I'll dye my hair tomorrow.


Sharon said...

I love the Zoya polish! It's such a lovely shade of purple. I've been reading your past posts and I absolutely adore your nail art ♥. If you have time, please check out my blog too ^^

Anne said...

Thank you so much :)
Your blog looks terrific! I'm so jealous of your cuticles.

Samfucius said...

Wow Anne! I've always loved your nails and now I can see how much work you put into them! How amazing :D They're beautiful. Hope you're feeling better and Happy birthday for the other day!
<3 Samantha

Maud said...

I love this color! And your nails look so perfect<3
Lovely blog, I'm gonna follow you ^^

Anne said...

Thanks Sam & Maud. You're both too kind :)