Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing her Majesty the Queen

I have a valid reason for having a sore throat. I blame nail polish fumes. I sat in from of my TV, laboriously working on this set of nails for 5 hours straight on Saturday night. I need a life. I could be having a life right now. But mothers. They are all out to ruin our lives. Stop reading about my life. Your life is probably a lot more interesting.

This is my Red Queen inspired set of nails. I've decided to name it "Red Off the Queen's Heart". There's a pun in there but I'd be surprised if anyone could actually understand my logic. Personally, Thoughtless Alice was a lot more fun to create. I found myself straying back to the cutesy polka dots and bows although I've tried my best to make this one look more sophisticated. You know, with the roses and lace. I've used some random white polish, Revlon Black Lingerie, OPI Girls just want to have fun and a truck load of top coat. I'm sorry that I keep using the same nail polishes but I am honestly not a black and red person. I much rather, wait for it, Essie Sag Harbor! That's right, I'm still squinting at the AU$6.55 + $4.36 on Ebay. Enough rambling, photo time!
Now wasn't that fun? Let's not do it again. It was such a pain to upload with crappy upstairs internet. I'd like to sell this one too. My bank account is still empty. Should I make a Mad Hatter set? Or how about a White Queen set?


ForgottenJuliet said...

I feel so special hehe
Make boooooooth =D
Time permitting.

Unknown said...

Hello Good Evening, decorated nails like you know, so my face looks with cartouches of adesivosprontos for nails ..... Like if I send you some samples, because I noticed that you really love beautiful nails.