Friday, September 3, 2010

Thoughtless Alice

Guess what? Don't answer. Its a rhetorical question.

I've finally finished the Alice-inspired nails after inhaling a life-time's worth of nail polish and acrylic fumes within a couple of hours. My head is not very forgiving about it. I want a mask like those nail technicians in those nail places. But I must soldier on! I love these acrylic moulds. They make perfect acrylic hearts. So I ended up making heaps and heaps. Anyways, stop reading and look already.
My gorgeous hearts. So perfect. I'm getting all teary now. The fumes can really mess up your sanity.
Here's a close up because I love you so much.
After staring at the blank title for a good 20 minutes at least, I came up with a name. Yep, "Thoughtless Alice", because I was thoughtless for 20 minutes. Not in the insensitive sense. But you understand. I'm planning to sell this set because I'm so poor. They do, however, fit on my nails perfectly. I do have pretty average sized nails though. So please buy it if you have $40 to waste spend on something that can be reused. I'm begging you. I'll even throw in free wrapping!

I've also decided to start on a Red Queen inspired set although technically I've already started. Guess the colour scheme. It'll be a no-brainer.


Jenny said...

red!! lulz. because i guessed right, do i get the set?
also, 'thoughtless alice' looks amazing.

Anne said...

LOLL it was a no brainer so no prize for you.
But thanks :) Its not your birthday present though.

Jenny said...

well you did say it wasn't a nail set.. hm. any hints?
what time are you going UNSW miss?

Anne said...

No hints :) Oh maybe one. Pretty paper.
I'm going there uber early with Nelly I think at 10ish?

Christie said...

Wow 'Thoughtless Alice' looks amazing =O
Zomg so pro

angel said...

fucking brilliant

Anne said...

Thank you Christie & Tangfish :)