Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just tea-sing

I just couldn't resist incorporating OPI Just Tea-sing into the title. Truthfully, I don't own the colour because it is too light and sheer for my liking. Although it would be nice to collect the whole OPI Garden Party collection even though it is quite old. I love Funny Bunny to bits! It's half empty now.

I went to a mini exam today for the modules and I was the only one there. I was so lonely and sad but luckily another person came. At least that's gotten out of the way now. Here's a little preview of what is coming up this week. A teaser, I would call it.
Go and make your guess! I think it is rather obvious because I cannot be subtle no matter how hard I try. I would really like a MAC 187. Hint, hint.


Anonymous said...

usagi wire headband and palty/prettia hair dyeeee :D


ForgottenJuliet said...

Knowing Anne Qin...eyelid glue ? xD

ForgottenJuliet said...

OH wooops my bad =DD I see it now

Shirley said...

usagimimi + hairdye :D

do i get a prize ?