Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Channelling Chanel

As you may already know, I painted my nails last night. I've had this concept in my mind for a couple of days and finally materialised it last night. I'm quite happy with the way that they turned out.

This is inspired by Chanel's Noir et or Paris-Shanghai Collection released a couple of months back. The whole gold and black thing is absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion anyway. So I'm here to brainwash you. I bought OPI Bling Dynasty a while ago and was always dying to try it out. I got my chance last night!

It'd be a good idea to show you my inspiration first.
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See her nails? I particularly like the black tip but not the round, pointed shape. So I've revamped the design! With 2 coats of the gorgeous Bling Dynasty and its perfect application plus coverage. Bling Dynasty was released part of OPI's Hong Kong Collection. It is quite a unique gold. Reminds me of those antique gold jewellery that belongs to some ancient civilisation. Its a good thing. There's also a vintage vibe to it. I then added a black tip in Revlon Black Lingerie because it is a true black.
2 coats of OPI Bling Dynasty, Revlon Black Lingerie tips
Awesome tips, no? Ignore the smudge on my ring finger. It is definitely not a good idea to feed your cat when your nails are still wet. But because I was lazy and cut on time, I used a manicure tip guide. The guides can be found on Ebay for next to nothing. They are so simple and effective. However, I do recommend sticking the guides onto your hands a couple of times to remove most of its stickiness as it is the excess stickiness that will ruin your manicure. This is what I call beauty on a budget, pat on the back for me.

I think the design of the tips would also make awesome looking strawberries. Green tips with pink or red base and golden bullions for seeds. Now that's an idea.


nyx.june said...

iron man!!!

Anne said...

Iron man's red.
This is way better than anything Robert Downey Jr could do :)

Dana said...

You make me smile! I love your nails and this design. So much more Coture than the Model! I am living my nail fantasy thru you cause my nails break off!