Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I need a life

I have nothing to blog about today. I took my nail polish off without taking photos of it. So I am left with bare nails, once again, and no record of my beautifully frankened baby that looks a lot of OPI Meet Me On the Star Ferry.

Since I have nothing new to say, I'll just share with you my Textiles Major Work and explain the concept behind it. Photos first!
I bet you're looking confused. Probably disappointed at the quality. I should be quite proud of it. I am, but I just know that I could've done the details better.

I've made a reversible dress, The corset top is attached to the skirt lining while the skirt flips around to reveal the dolls that are on the inside. Too bad the skirt doesn't close properly due to my crappy measuring skills. I feel rather lazy tonight. So here's a paragraph that I've copied and pasted from my Textiles Design Inspiration's justification part.

"My inspiration comes from my surroundings: the human environment. From an early age, we are taught of the necessity of wealth through the much-loved Monopoly. Communication is made faster through technological advances yet it doesn’t appear any simpler. Love is elevated to a cult-like status. Fast food is no longer only for convenience as people became caught up in the modern pace of fast city living. Our desire for knowledge intensifies as it becomes a measurement of a person’s intelligence. Emphasised by the media, I feel these issues play a vital role in shaping the perspectives of an individual. Personally, these factors are overwhelmingly powerful in affecting my decision making as my life revolves around these central themes. Wealth, communication, love, fast food and knowledge are essential in the modern way of life and are capable of causing great debates and emotional turmoils. Through textiles arts, I am able to identify these factors as integral to not only my own personal developments but also the whole of society."

Yes you totally read all that. I know you didn't. So you're forgiven. I'll blog about something a lot more interesting tomorrow. I just might to a raindow mani inspired by Troll's "unicorns".

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